Pillage Your Local Library!

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Pillage Your Local Library!

Jetsons: Express or Local

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Don’t Tell Santorum

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Locavore is in their now too. Not butch and femme though…

The Alison Bechdel Interview Bechdel-fun-spine – The Comics Journal.

Library Math: 10 Comics = 1 Good Book

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Source: http://www.progressiveruin.com/2012/06/06/also-that-horrible-imp/

Local Search Rankings Provide Insight into Who We Are

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Local Insights is a report (pdf) from local ad firm YP that provides data on the sorts of things people search for locally.  These local local search rankings always seem to provide a pretty accurate depiction of the things we spend our time doing:

1. Restaurants… eating
2. Financial Services… making sure we have enough money for eating (and for paying someone to fix our cars)
3. Auto Repair… paying someone to fix our cars
4. Real Estate… pretending like we can afford to buy a new house
5. Beauty Services… trying to look pretty
6. Physicians & Surgeons… paying someone to make us look pretty
7. Auto Parts… trying to fix our cars ourselves
8. Building Contractors… trying to fix our houses since we can’t really afford to buy new ones
9. Legal Services… suing the plastic surgeon and the guy fixing your house
10.  Lodging… staying at the Super8 while your plastic surgery heals and your kitchen is remodeled

Being local is a hindrance to creating local news…

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This American Life: outsourcing local news to non-locals:

Producer Sarah Koenig reports on a company called Journatic, that is producing local journalism in a brand new way. Or is it really journalism? (23 1/2 minutes)

Is this more about gathering local data than about writing local news?

Main Street Public Library

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Now reading (not literally now): http://www.uiowapress.org/books/2011-fall/main-street-public-library.htm.