Libraries as “Purveyors of the local”

June 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

(Still) Made Here is the new report from — it describes how more companies are turning “local heritage into a worldwide selling point” by capitalizing on the fact that a “growing number of consumers are seeking out the local.” Being local, like being green, is gaining cachet — many people equate local with “the authentic, the storied, the eco-friendly and the obscure” while “global has come to represent faceless, rootless mega-corporations.”

People in libraries may get a bit queasy from the report’s focus on ways to monetize local trends (not to mention gooey cheez whiz lines like “There’s money in heritage and keeping it real!”), but there are lots of good examples of locally-focused companies and initiatives (Poptotheshops, Wedge, Green Zebra Guide, inQbox, wheresyoursfrom, Google’s 150, more) and libraries can benefit from raising their awareness of this trend. Can libraries, as locally-focused institutions, respond to this increased interest in things local by increasing their focus on providing access to local community information?


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