All History is Local, Sunday June 24, 1:30pm

June 24, 2007 § 2 Comments

I’m at ALA, thought I’d try blogging some presentations…   All History is Local

Collaborative Digitization Program, Nancy Allen, Director of the library at the University of Denver
Collaboration is the main theme, especially between libraries AND museums… combine library-like catalog with museums like curatotial exhibbits

  • Expanded access through aggregation of the content in many different organizations
  • Increased resources for smaller orgs by relying on larger orgs — only large research orgs can do digitization well is a myth
  • Outreach to teachers is important
  • Myth…  Local is not worth the effort… valuble local info is everywhere
  • Volunteers are important — [social network?]
  • Importance of local knowledge, local experts

Ephemeral Cities, Erich Kesse,University of Florida

  • Collaboration between archives, public records, newspapers, libraries, museums
  • History in school = Big men (dumb dead white guys) and big events (MYTH)
  • Real history is deeper and the goal of this project is to tell the story that often goes untold (check out “herstory”)
  • Make text in graphics searchable, include geo-markers, name authority
  • Focus on people-places-things combined with time and space — tell the story
  • Sanborn Maps were one of the foundations the project worked from — they made them clickable, zoomable, better described
  • This is coo… Overlayed their enhanced Sanborn maps on the maps in Google Earth and Google Maps [get link] so you can see the older info the history layered with the current map to help tell the story of the place

Connecting Local History Researchers with Digital Archives, Judy Graves, Library of Congress (LOC Local History & Genealogy)

  • You can build it but will they come? Her focus is on how to connect people with the vast array of local resources available
  • Describe the purpose, define the audience, connect disparate resources, focus on the context not the actual creation of local resources
  • Integration of various media from different digital collections to help tell the story of local history… films, maps (panoramics), ephemera, newspapers, first person accounts, ads, music (actual audio and lyrics), photos (daguerreotypes?)
  • Digital archives can add an enriching dimension to local history… expose researchers to the memories of others

Q and A


§ 2 Responses to All History is Local, Sunday June 24, 1:30pm

  • […] Kesse also brought up a point that I would hear repeated later in other programs: the difficulties pertaining to geographic data: the volume/size is staggering, there are no standard formats, and there are also no open source formats and this time. All of these factors make managing geographic data difficult and expensive, and puts its long term survival in jeopardy. One of the Q&A session questions that really drove the point home: Is anyone archiving satellite and aerial images produced by services like Google Earth? Because the focus of applications like Google Earth is on the most recent information, tons of potentially valuable data is constantly destroyed. But who has the means to store it? And, if it is stored, how will we organize and retrieve it in the future? Other reviews: Dewey and Main […]

  • […] Kesse también mencionó un punto que volvería a escuchar en otras presentaciones durante ALA sobre las dificultades que hay al trabajar con datos geográficos y espaciales: el volumen/tamaño de los datos es increíble, no existen formatos estandarizados y no hay formatos de código abierto en este momento. Estos factores hacen que trabajar con los datos geográficos sea difícil y caro y crean problemas para su supervivencia a largo plazo. Una de las preguntas al final de la sesión trajo el punto directamente: Hay alguien archivando las imágenes aéreas y de satélite que crean los servicios como Google Earth? Como estos servicios enfocan la información más reciente, constantemente estamos perdiendo volúmenes de datos valiosos. Pero, ¿quién tiene los medios para almacenarla? Y, si la almacenamos, ¿cómo la vamos a organizar y recuperar en el futuro? Otras reseñas: Dewey and Main […]

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