Gorman, Keen, Skube…

August 22, 2007 § 1 Comment

This op-ed piece in the LA Times called “Blogs: All the noise that fits” might sound familiar to librarians… Michael Gorman er Skube, a journalism professor at Elon University, penned the piece (byline is “The hard-line opinions on weblogs are no substitute for the patient fact-finding of reporters”) and he makes some good points.

I enjoy reading articles and books (and yes, even blog entries) from smart people like Gorman, Skube (here’s another one) and Andrew Keen (via). Even though I may not agree with them, I kinda like the incendiary tone, the confident and feisty, if a bit florid, prose, the ‘tude, the book worship (hey, I’m a librarian). Besides, I’m pretty ludditic myself — I always watch The Simpsons at its scheduled hour instead of Tivo’ing it. No digital copies for me…

But like the ALA’s former leader, Skube is a bit condescending, he generalizes and he tends to focus on the negative: “The blogosphere is the loudest corner of the Internet, noisy with disputation, manifesto-like postings and an unbecoming hatred of enemies real and imagined.” Furthermore, it seems he doesn’t really practice what he preaches. New media bloggers are, of course, fired up.


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  • jennimi says:

    There was a great Frontline a few months back (mentioned on jennimi) dealing with the tradish journalism v. blogging phenomena. Highly recommend (were I slightly more caffeinated I’d find it for you). Interestingly, the LA Times and its struggle to survive are a big part of the story. It is no surprise to me the Times would publish “anti” blog pieces. I am too lazy to read the article nor does it sound interesting to me given what I already know about the paper’s bias) but from your context I am inferring the “anti” part.

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