Outstide.in… know your community outside and in

January 26, 2008 § Leave a comment


Or is it supposed to be: know your community “inside and out”? Either way, Outside.in can help.

Outside.in aggregates local information from local news sources and blogs. It relies on geo-tagging — Outside.in identifies relevant local information based on geographic tags applied to each blog post or news story. While geo-tagging sounds like a bit of a hassle… it is becoming an increasingly easy and common practice (especially for Flickr photos).

Besides the general news and blog posts, they break down “hot topics” and “buzziest places.” There are (not sure what Outside.in calls them) “forums” for lots of cities and also neighborhoods within those cities. If your city or community isn’t in there yet — create it yourself. They have just begun to offer up discussion boards, too. To see what Outside.in can do in a major metropolitan area, check out their Buzz Map and local blog directory on the washingtonpost.com site.

Outside.in is another tool you can use to stay updated on the goings on in your community — monitor it or even better start contributing to it today. You can get e-mail updates and there are feeds (the RSS button is way down at the bottom of the page in the lower right). This is another example of a technology libraries can leverage (you knew a tie-in to libraries was coming…) to connect with their communities without having to create the technology themselves.



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