Searching for User-Generated Maps

February 1, 2008 § Leave a comment


Google has made it easier to find map mashups, user generated maps, my maps, user maps, community maps… whatever you wanna call them. Just go to Google Maps and you’ll see a “Show search options” link to the right of the search button. Choose the last option in the pull-down menu to search for “User-created content.” The Google Lat Long blog notes that:

This last option is particularly useful for exploring the world from the vantage point of true local experts. Here are some cool searches I was able to do: “Windsurfing in San Francisco” shows windsurfing spots around the Bay Area from YouTube, virtualglobetrotting and Flickr (while business search will show windsurfing business listings)

Use this search functionality to see the various types of maps that are being created by/for/about your community. As you can see in screen snippet above (I think you can — why is screen capture so difficult for me?!), I’ve been using it to identify some of the ways that libraries are using custom maps. There are some nice library-related map mashups (shmaps?…  there’s a portmanteau that will NOT catch on) out there! I’ll try to highlight some in future posts.



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