Wikis as Community Hubs

July 3, 2009 § 1 Comment


Wikis can be useful for creating community profiles and portals.   Here’s a list of cities that have created “city wikis.”  It’s easy to do: just take the name of your community (whether it’s a city, a town, a neighborhood, whatever) and stick the word “Wiki” in front of it or “pedia” behind it.  Wala!

Of course, then you need to fill that wiki up with stuff…  that might prove a bit more time consuming.  But not impossible:  many city wikis seem to be well populated and dynamic, check out Rochester NY’s RocWiki and Davis CA’s DavisWiki.

Last month, a new service called WikiCity launched.  Basically, it’s a place-based Wikipedia: an easy-to-use platform for creating an online community hub, a portal to information about the place you and your patrons call home.

WikiCity covers over 20,000 cities and, despite the name, their main target seems to be towns and other smaller smaller communities:

The concept was initiated late last year, as I have always found that there is something endearing about small towns, and therefore, that is where we started building WikiCity – within towns that have historically been neglected by traditional media.

So, now you have some choices when considering wikis as local tools:  you can either create your own city wiki, use WikiCity, or create/modify a city page on Wikipedia.


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