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July 14, 2009 § Leave a comment


Bet there’s a librarian in there… Image from bighappyfunhouse.

MLS Report: Libraries are a Vital Community Resource in the Information Age…

“Libraries build community in many ways,” noted Laurie Brooks, Associate Deputy Director for Library Services. “Whether through preparing children for school, helping small businesses thrive, providing technology training for seniors, or imparting a new language, libraries are essential community resources in the information age. The Library Grants to States program provides an important opportunity to plan and support these vital community-building initiatives.”

CitySquares: Your Neighborhood, Online…

Our aim is to not be just a business directory or city guide, but to be the ultimate resource for local communities. Whether a county in Montana, a borough in NY, a village in Vermont, or a neighborhood in Seattle, we want to get all the information about that community, that locale, online. Get the geopolitical information online, municipal information, local government, post office, libraries, public schools, trash and recycling collection schedules, historical facts, playgrounds, parking lots, public transportation, local school lunch menus, athletic program information, July 4th fireworks locations, and so much more.

center’dhelps people plan any event or activity, and find new places to go and things to do based on the advice of trusted friends.”

Online Education Database provides a nice list of digital library collections that focus mainly on localized and regional histories of towns, cities, counties, or regions within a given state.



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