About the Blogger


They say you can tell a lot about the blogger by the name of the blog. All blognoscenti know that the hardest part of blogging, harder even than having something to say, is having something snazzy to call the thing. My initial instinct was to come out swinging, call the blog Mr Brawny Man Librarian. After all, I am partial to flannel. And except for my slightness, indoorsiness and baldness, I’ve always felt that there’s a lumber-jack paper-towel spokesperson for libraries deep down inside me.

However, my wife, who is often more clear-headed than I am but always supportive, kindly pointed out that Mr Whipple Librarian might be more accurate… and she’s right, in a manner of speaking, Mr W and I are both handsome in some of the same ways. But librarian bloggers must have standards — paper towels are one thing, toilet paper another.

Then again, this is the web where anonymous is the new plaid. No one has to know whether I’m really a lumber jack or a librarian or even a ring-tailed lemur. So leaving any loyalty to reality back in the woods, I came up with The Bosomy Librarian. After all, that name would probably help the blog’s Google page rank…

And such a funny little word, bosom. When I was a kid, I heard the song “Rock-a my soul in the bosom of Abraham” and it kind of confused me. Certainly he was a good president, but why would anyone want Abraham Lincoln to hold you to his chest while rocking to and fro? Confiding this conundrum to a friend, I was smartly informed that the song is about the bible Abraham not the penny Abraham. Still, I didn’t find this new bosom to be much of an upgrade… to this day, images of bare chested Abrahams pop into my head at random times.

One of these random moments occurred while I was taking a walk around my neighborhood and I looked up at a street sign to get my bearings only to discover that I live — along with my clear-headed and supportive wife, one rock-a-my-soul kind of kid, and two bosom-buddy cats — right around the corner from the intersection of Dewey and Main. Look up, that’s it in the header image. Forget the lumber jacks and the toilet paper and the Abrahams — this is a blog about things library and things local… what’s more librarian-y than Dewey or more local the Main Street?

Anyway, I’m sure you feel like you know me now...  What else? I chose a marginally remunerative career like librarianship when I was living in NYC so that I wouldn’t feel guilty about not giving money to panhandlers. It seemed as good a reason as any, I was an English major. Shortly thereafter, Giuliani, channeling David Copperfield, made the panhandlers disappear. But I decided to stick with librarianing and have been at it ever since. My library career arc has gone: corporate, academic, corporate, academic. Or Lehman Brothers, University of Virginia, Lehman Brothers (again) and now the University at Buffalo. Where I work as a ring-tailed lemur.


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