What Do We Mean By Local? by John Mair, Neil Fowler, Ian Reeves

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Held by two libraries worldwide.

Amazon.com: What Do We Mean By Local? (9781845495404): John Mair, Neil Fowler, Ian Reeves: Books.


Belong to Where You Are

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Source: Creative Review http://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2012/july/mesa-cadeira-anthony-burrill


WolfWalk from NCSU Libraries

June 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

WolfWalk is a mobile library project that enables users to explore North Carolina State University campus history using a location-aware interface optimized for mobile devices. The application supports a map view with geotagged placemarks for over 50 major sites of interest on the NCSU campus, and a browse view for quickly locating a known site by name.

Presentation about the WolfWalk project today at the Academic Librarians 2010 conference in Ithaca, NY: “Geotagging, Geolocation, and Augmented Reality: Opportunities for Libraries to Create in Situ Learning Experiences.” Rats, that I can’t go, but can follow on Twitter.


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Shareable: The Book Bike:

Inspired by the literary activism efforts of Dave Eggers’ 826 organization, Levinson set out in 2008 to merge his “two passions, cycling and reading. It seemed natural to me–just as the right to read provides limitless potential for a person, a bike allows you to go just about anywhere. Being on a bike is freedom to me.”

Smoke em if ya got em

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Publisher Vends Books Via Old Cigarette Machines.

World’s smallest library

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GENIUS TOWN – The old fashioned phone booth that was converted into the world’s smallest library.

Phone box has new life as library… “This facility has turned a piece of street furniture into a community service in constant use.”

Twitter is simply a robot message carrier

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Twitter Local from the 1930’s… from the mobile technology blog, MobHappy.  The next time you try to explain Twitter to a patron, say it’s just a notificator.  You know, a robot message carrier.  It aids persons who wish to make or cancel appointments.  Or inform friends of their whereabouts.  Like they had in the 30’s.  In London.  Remember?